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Wednesday, September 7, 2011 | 7:25 AM | 0 light(s)

huheyy readers and followers ^^ wheee , very happy today . as usual , is right up early in the morning then get ready and go to school with khary . near in class i just love stirring people , no matter boy or girl all i want to stir too . one working day and stirring people tease me until i was wide-open class . HAHA , my bad right :P previous school and had come back the house to get ready because i'm going the house pyja .  hang out near there with all my friends . mama pyja cooked vermicelli soup , very tasty :) hee . do not know why the khary suddenly she no mood , i was silent . time back she had me say something which i think is not important . do not know what problems did you get that kind of want to change up once . i'm sorry if i have made wrong with you but please do not change . i just want you to be your own self . not fake ! i love you , i do not want to lose you . ukeyy that's all , bubye and see youu later ~ salam :D