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Sunday, August 14, 2011 | 7:22 AM | 0 light(s)

huheyy readers :) yeahh , today i want to share my story about the jealous nature of the people i love . i was very strange , do not know what has happened to me . i know you since then we become jealous siblings foster daughter i come . before , my relations with other siblings do not like this , know . we always fight right ? not always right but is said every day . its sad we are not happy relationship . i want us as before , i mean before we have this sibling relationship . you always make me laugh , love and many more . you make my life full of beautiful flowers . but why is all of that disappeared after i jealous of you . conveyed that you do not make friends with someone is the right for me . oath , i do not know much more i want to make you always happy with me . for me , when you just come near me must you be crying . but i never want to make your intentions . now , if i were jealous , let me alone to know and sick time . it is for we know enough i always made you angry , crying , fiber and all of it . i apologize from the ends up at my feet . hope you're right sorry i error near you . i will try to remove the jealous is but i do not want promises for fear of breaking a promise is . may take some time and hope you can be patient .