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Friday, June 24, 2011 | 8:53 PM | 0 light(s)

Ya allah if i fall in love , i love the one who trails his love for you , so that increased strength to love . Muhaimin so if I fall in love , give leave me touched the hearts of a link to you not to fall in the gap I love passion . rabbana so if I fall in love , take care not to turn her heart of hearts . Izzati Rabbul so if I miss , i miss the person who is missing a martyr in your way . ya allah if I enjoy the love your beloved , do not exceed the pleasures that delight in the contemplation of beauty last your third night . ya allah if I fall in love in the beloved , do not let me fall a long way to call people . ya allah lawful if you miss me beloved , do not let me forget my prodigal up in my love is true and eternal love to you . aminnnnnnnn . . .
I could .. hope we both succeed in the world and the hereafter . successful when dealing with trials and challenges that test the strength of faith is the faith that's because the site find love that has been lost . 
love the search may have been found . may god put us under the umbrella of Mercy love . Blogs loading .