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Saturday, March 26, 2011 | 2:55 AM | 0 light(s)

avril , who is the best and famous youngest singer in the world . she also an actress , composer and musician . avril full name is avril ramona lavigne . she was born in napanee , ontorio , canada . her date birth is 27 september 1984 . now , she is 27 years old . avril started as a singer since she was 17 years old . she had married before but now , she already divorce .

she like to sing , write and composs songs . avril is good in playing music intrusment such as guitar , piano and drum . beside that , she is an actress too . the movie that she acts are over the hedge and fast food nation . avril also a fashion designer . she design skater punk fashion . 

what i believe about her ? avril is brave to involve in so many field . she know what she want and she know that she can't do it . i like a spirit and confident , and i hope one day , i want to be like her .