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Monday, September 5, 2011 | 7:09 AM | 0 light(s)

huheyy readers and followers :D today , for i want to share with you the story ? ohh , do not want to go listen to is dead . ukeyy , do not want this waste of time . monday (o5 sept 2o11) , i greeted she . seriously , i was never as brave as this . i greeted all her friends . i will always embarrassed it with her and her friends that . but the other is for me today . not another word , weird with me this time . while shame , while not shy , haishh . whether any right ? hee -,- 
Back then the schools , we found the front near the school . able to chat for a while because i have a friend i have been waiting to see this GEDIKK ~ huhh , do not mind , i went a long way in the first bit , smiling . him finished the conversation with my sister , all dispersed . i was back with a friend , suddenly she is also . she greeted me , she asked why just laughed and laughed ! i answered like me . HAHA , her saying that i MENGEDIKK . walk with her until the block is my home . then her say she want to go home teacher . she salam my hands , i went back . all these memories for me :D ukeyy that's all , bubye and see you later ~
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