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Friday, August 12, 2011 | 5:07 PM | 0 light(s)

heyy followers :) today , i would like to story about i miss someone special . why must have noticed my love in the heart of this ? even though he left me but still love him . he disappears like that , i continued to exchange a new phone number . ya allah , help me to remember right he was from memory . i do not remember him in my life again . i want to open a new book and continue to state my life . 6 month i was with him but now in vain if i wait for him that will never appear . oath , i never feel sorry have known you , i love you like a rack of all . myself that i never thought it all right ? ukeyy , do not mind it this year want to be anything , so it . i am lazy to think again . better , i think families are not happy this good . brain fiber , too much trouble . this might guess this holy month . yeahh , pleased that so close to me . this last hope was no longer a problem that comes close to either myself , family , friends or people i love . i will keep you happy right prayer and i promise you things like not busy anymore . this undertaking and hope that i can do ^^ ukeyy that's all , bubye and see again .