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Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 7:31 PM | 0 light(s)

huheyy readers and followers :D what are you hobbies ? hoho , i just want little story about my hobbies or daily activities . i am kind of like teasing people , for example near the class i must have just the materials that i was . i can not be sit quietly because i get bored later . always be teased with me ( JAQ , EPUL , CAPANG , KHARY , ECAH , BALQIS ) and many others . sometimes you crazy with my wide-open right ? even though somehow you a patient . i also like to find about the person not guilty . joking was hobbies i like . i love a good joke with my friends only . because if the other person , there must be a misunderstanding then fight . however i do not like to fight . joking , teasing , find about with whatever i had her level . not have fight brought up , all that job just as there is no interest . you do not like about me ? i evil ? go is dead . groan would i with you . you like it so perfect , i said it seems like its perfect angelic . HAHA , i wonder what the people want to talk for myself . so , like i want to do anything . ukeyy that's all , bubye and see you again . other days i post the best stories .