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Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 11:55 PM | 0 light(s)

ohh hii readers and followers :) hihii , sometimes loving a person can make us happy and also suffered . i do not what to do because i was confused . may eventually i can forget her in my life and let her go to find the happiness again :) i knew she would be happy too and can be better than me , seriously ! i will not let someday , she was disappointed with me . so , i prefer she go now than later she hated me ! do not worry because i will receive it with an open heart and i sincerely if you're not for me anymore . and i used to miss you very much , but it never seemed like you missing me . i guess because of it . i stopped missing you :) sometimes , you can't just give and give and expect the same in return . remember when i said , i wish you the best , well i was lying like when you told me that you love me but you left . never put myself in a situation when i not sure of where i stand in a person's life . ~ ukeyy that's all bubye and see you later ^^